Thursday, December 16, 2010

Good news (we hope)

Thanks for continuing to pray for my parents. Dad has been "up and down." Some days he stays in bed all day, but other days he gets up and walks--one day he even walked to the apartment, sat down in a KITCHEN CHAIR and visited for a half-hour! That's the first time he has sat in a "normal" chair in 2 1/2 months.

On Monday, Dec. 13 Dad received his new hearing aid, which he is happy about. Monday was also ANOTHER trip to the hospital with a blocked feeding tube. The tubes are supposed to last a year, but his has needed changing six times since September, when his care team has been unable to clear the blockages. (Several blockages have been able to be cleared.) They don't know why it becomes clogged so frequently.

Mom got good news this morning. The nursing home administrator told her that if she applies for Maine Medicaid right away, it will probably begin covering Dad's care immediately when his Medicare runs out on Dec. 25! This would allow her to keep more of their savings than we had previously thought--which would be a blessing.

So now Mom is torn between wanting to work on mailing Christmas cards, and hunting for documents needed for the Medicaid application. I told her to focus on the application, because everyone will still love her if they get a card from her in January! :-)

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