Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Comfortable and Contented

Dad has been doing really well for the past week or so! He seems comfortable and contented, which is a great answer to prayer, for his sake as well as Mom's.

Mom chose to spend Thanksgiving day with Dad, declining other invitations because she said this might be the last one she will have with him. Ledgeview delivered a nice dinner for both of them to his room, and he was able to eat half a piece of lemon meringue pie!! That is the only solid food he's eaten since his surgery.

We were able to connect with Mom via Skype on Thanksgiving Day. As we talked, she could see us in Florida on her computer screen, and we could see her. Technology is so wonderful for long-distance families!! She asked Dad if he felt up to visiting their apartment so he could see us on the computer too, but he was too tired. :-(

However, Dad has been able to walk a bit. Yesterday he walked to their apartment (about 40 feet) and stayed for 45 minutes! He did get a ride back in the chair and went straight to bed afterward though. :-) He sleeps much of the time.

Lois is still working through governmental red tape in Ecuador to bring baby Daniel for a visit. It looks like it may be right after Christmas.

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