Sunday, December 26, 2010

Difficult Days

This Christmas season has been poignant for us. We realize it is likely the last one that we celebrate with my Dad on this earth.

Dad received some special gifts on Christmas Eve from our dear friends the Melvins. They brought him a throw with a kitty design on it, and shirts they had printed with his train photographs. So thoughtful!!

Dad did not want to open any gifts on Christmas, so Mom waited until today to bring him the others, hoping that he might be feeling better. But he wasn't, so she opened and showed them to him. A few of them got a positive response. :-)

Dad's abdominal discomfort and nausea have increased significantly in the last several days, and his stomach is no longer draining freely. He is starting to express his pain more often. Mom tries to enter his room wearing a smile. She says that occasionally he will give her a small smile in return, but not often. We are praying for comfort, courage and strength for them both.

Lois has tickets to come with baby Daniel from Ecuador January 14-28. We are praying that Dad will be able to visit with her, but also that he will not suffer long. We trust God's timing for his Homegoing to be perfect.

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Cindy said...

God's timing is ALWAYS perfect,even if we don't agree ;)