Tuesday, November 9, 2010

An eventful weekend

Sorry I haven't checked in for a few days. Our son Evan (9) broke his arm last Friday; fell off a swing at the school playground. So he and I spent the weekend in the hospital. He had orthopedic surgery at Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children in Orlando on Saturday, and came home Sunday evening. He's now on the couch, with arm elevated, being waited on hand & foot.

We hope he'll feel like doing some schoolwork tomorrow. We go back on Thursday to get his cast put on, and maybe he can go to school on Friday.

We are so thankful that Grandma & Grandpa Corbett were here and willing to help with our other two kids so Jack could come to the hospital. And our friends have been great, expressing their concern and bringing treats! :-)

Back in Maine, Mom reports that Dad has been doing fairly well. He's been sitting up some, and visited the apartment for almost an hour yesterday afternoon. However when he got back to his room, his feeding tube was blocked again and he was scheduled to go to the hospital this morning to have it replaced.

Mom's sinuses are still bothering her terribly, with no answer in sight. They were x-rayed yesterday. She also had an eye appt. where she learned she has cataracts, but they have to get worse before they can be removed.

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June said...

It doesn't rain, but it pours! We have been praying that Mary Jane would NOT have any more physical issues while she is trying to be an encouragement to her husband. Surely hope they can get her sinus problem under control really quickly.