Thursday, November 18, 2010

Dad walked by himself today!!

Dad continues to do quite well! Mom said that when he needed to get to the bathroom today, and the nurse did not respond to his call quickly enough, he decided to get there on his own--and he made it, using his walker!!

He did have help getting back to bed, and also for another walk in the hall. He sat up for awhile today too. And they have made an appt. for him to see an audiologist on Monday, to get a hearing aid to replace the one that got broken in October.

Sadly, his eating has not improved. He still can't eat solid food, and is having trouble swallowing even the nutritional shakes. So although he is stronger, there doesn't seem to be any prospect of removing the feeding tube--which would be necessary for him to go home.

The biggest blessing right now is that Dad is in good spirits for the most part. That is an answer to prayer, because we want him to be happy and content. Also, it makes the situation so much easier on Mom!!

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