Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Dad needs encouragement

Mom was in tears yesterday. Dad told her he was moving back to the apartment--a misunderstanding. He was going to VISIT the apartment. When Mom reminded him she could not care for him at home, he grew very morose and made some remarks that saddened her. She tried to encourage him with reminders of Heaven, but she blamed herself that he was discouraged.

Dad did get to visit the apartment for awhile yesterday, which made two days in a row that he was sitting up for awhile! Today, however, he stayed in bed all day. His attitude was better, though.

He is asking about getting another hearing aid. His got broken several weeks ago. When he went to bed, it was in its case on the table beside the bed. In the morning, the case and half of the hearing aid were missing and the other half was found on the floor with wires sticking out. Probably an employee knocked it down, stepped on it, tried to cover it up by throwing it away, but overlooked a piece. The nursing home said they would file an insurance claim, but such losses are not usually covered.

Anyway, we had made an appointment for Dad with a hearing aid provider, but then we canceled it when it seemed like it would be too much for him. He hadn't mentioned it, and he can hear voices close to his right ear, so we thought that was sufficient. But since he is asking now, Mom wants to see about a replacement.

We are going to let the house in Gorham go unheated this winter. Last year it stayed heated to 45 degrees or so, but the heating oil just ran out. I didn't think to check the gauge when I was there last week. Our wonderful neighbor, Jim, who has been handling the snow plowing, winterized the pipes so it should be ok to freeze. That will save a lot of money, as the house is not well insulated.

As always, thanks for your friendship and prayers! We appreciate it very much.

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