Monday, April 13, 2009

April 13 - In Their New Home

Thanks so much for praying for our family, as Mom and Dad transition from their home of 40 years in Gorham NH, to Ledgeview Living Center in West Paris ME.

Official "Moving Day" was Saturday, April 11--the day before Easter. We are so grateful to Mom's sisters, Rebecca, Betty, and Jane, for the incredible amount of work they have invested into getting Mom and Dad moved. They helped to convince, they helped to direct, they helped to prepare, they helped to pack, they helped to transport (including Josey the cat), and now they are helping to unpack.

Other friends and relatives helped on Saturday too--thank you to each one of you.

Mom was able to celebrate Easter at West Paris Baptist Church, where she and Dad met and were married! (Dad didn't feel up to going.) Now that will be their home church once again. Chris and Lois drove up from Virginia to spend Easter, and this week following, with them. Chris set up Mom's computer, and Lois will be able to take care of a few things that need doing at the house in Gorham also.

I have a ticket to NH on May 14 (thanks to Tim, a frequent flyer friend!!). I am looking forward to seeing Mom and Dad's new place!! I'll be staying in Gorham, cleaning out the house and preparing it for sale. Jack and the kids plan to come up mid-June. Jack will stay a couple weeks and then return to FL. The kids will stay with me if my job isn't finished. I'm hoping it will be.

Mom is anxious about finding new doctors. She and Dad have a number of appointments in Berlin and at Dartmouth-Hitchcock in the next month. Transportation is a bigger issue now, with the longer distances, so they really need to transition to providers who are closer to their new home. We are grateful to those who are helping to drive them--THANK YOU!!

Most of all, we are thankful to God Who has brought us this far and will not abandon us.

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