Wednesday, April 1, 2009

April 1, 2009 - Mom's home

Mom was released from the hospital yesterday afternoon, after a stress test showed no problem with her heart. I asked her, "So, how are we going to keep you from overdoing after you get home?" She laughed a little bit.

We are thankful for everyone who has offered to help Mom & Dad with their packing. We think it will work best if the efforts are coordinated so that a maximum of two people are helping at a time. That way it will be more low-key and manageable for Mom to give direction.

The exception of course will be Moving Day, April 11, when many hands will make light work!! We would really appreciate anyone who would be available that day.

Jack and I are working on planning our travel up there. Nothing is final yet but looks like I will go May 14, and Jack and the kids in early June. Jack is planning to stay two weeks, and the children and I may stay several weeks longer if necessary until the house is cleaned out.

Lois and Chris and their family will be there the month of June as well.

Thanks so much for your concern and prayers. They are a blessing and a great help!!!

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Ruth said...

Ah, tomorrow is moving day. I'll be praying, as this will be a tiring day and an emotional day.
Ruth Brendle