Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Settling In

Mom and Dad are continuing to adjust to their new home. It has been a busy month with a number of doctor appointments in different places. We so appreciate those who have provided transportation for them.

Dad has been battling cellulitis in his legs, along with the pain caused by his spinal stenosis. He had a steroid shot in hopes of some relief, but unfortunately it did not help.

Mom saw a neurologist at Dartmouth-Hitchcock who believes that reducing her anti-seizure med dosage will relieve her lightheadedness and short-term memory loss. He said he would recommend that change to her PCP.

Mom is back online, which is very exciting for her. Her new e-mail address is maryjaneames(insert "at" sign), and she is also on Facebook. Unfortunately she lost her e-mail address book, so she would love to hear from everyone so that she can have your address again.

I am flying North a week from tomorrow. Looking forward to seeing Mom and Dad (and Josey) in their nice new apartment. I'll be cleaning out the house in Gorham to prepare it to sell. Jack's parents are coming to Florida to help Jack with the kids while I'm gone. We all need and appreciate your prayers!

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