Monday, March 30, 2009

Monday, March 30, 2009

My mom was taken to the hospital with chest pains again this afternoon. Her EKG looks normal and Dr. thinks it is stress-related. That is certainly understandable, since she is very anxious about their upcoming move to assisted living, and she is driving herself and working extremely hard.

I suggested she make lists of things she knew she would want, but I BEGGED her not to look in bags or boxes that she couldn't remember the contents. . . because that is all stuff she doesn't need, but once she had seen it she would want to keep it. And she won't have room for it in the new apartment.

Unfortunately, what I feared is exactly what is happening. And it has put her in the hospital.

Thankfully, she should be able to go home tomorrow, and we will keep trying to convince her to take it easy.

Thank you as always for your prayers. Jack and I are talking about when I'll be able to go to NH . . . It looks like early- to mid-May.

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