Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The past month or so has been very difficult for Mom. Although thankfully she has not had any more chest pain, her head has continually felt "strange"--dizzy and lightheaded, but beyond that, in a way she struggles to describe. She says it feels like everything in her brain is bubbling up and out.

Naturally this makes it tough to do much of anything. So she has felt additional stress from the difficulty of trying to wait on Dad, who has been suffering pain in his legs and hips that significantly hinders his mobility.

In an attempt to discover the cause of Mom's symptoms, her oncologist ordered a PET scan and MRI, which are scheduled for tomorrow (March 25). She will also get a follow-up mammogram after a suspicious one. She has an appointment with a neurologist on March 31, and on April 13th will see the oncologist again to get the results of tomorrow's tests.

Regardless of the test results, it is becoming evident that the effort required to live independently and care for Dad is too much for Mom, and is contributing to her current problems. She realizes this.

Yesterday, their family doctor came to the house to see Dad, and broke the news to him that it is time to consider moving to assisted living. Mom and I had prayed fervently about this meeting. Dad's reaction has been tears and sadness . . . which is better than the angry refusal that we feared.

The most likely option is an assisted living apartment in West Paris, Maine, near Mom's sisters. The logical next step is for Mom and Dad to visit there and ask questions. The biggest one is whether they could bring their beloved cat.

Our family pleads for your continued prayers. This will be a tremendously traumatic upheaval. After 40 years in their home, it will involve changing location, doctors, and church; as well as disposing of a tremendous amount of possessions and selling an old house that has not been updated since the 1950's--something that lenders are reluctant to finance in the current market.

The logistical details of Lois and I's involvement need prayer as well, as neither of us lives nearby; but helping Mom and Dad move and cleaning out the house are tasks that we need and want to help with. It will require considerable time, probably two or three months.

Thank you for your love and prayers.

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amykrut said...

You are all continually in our prayers. I am also praying that the move will be a blessing for your Dad and he will learn to enjoy his new surroundings. AMY