Saturday, February 12, 2011

Moving On . . .

Dad has been gone for two weeks now, and I (Alice) am back in Florida. Mom is alone in the apartment at Ledgeview. Dad hadn't been there since September, but now she has to get used to the fact that she can't visit him down the hall anymore, either. She says, "That's ok--I know where he is."

After the funeral, my time in Maine was spent going through files, making phone calls and writing letters about financial matters. Most accounts were straightforward, but one was not. Dad had converted a matured life insurance policy to an interest-bearing checking account in 1996, and didn't name a beneficiary for it because he thought the beneficiary on the life insurance would carry over. It didn't.

Thankfully, the amount was small enough to qualify as a "small estate," which simplifies things considerably in the eyes of the probate court.

The other wrinkle is that Maine Medicaid denied our application for help with Dad's nursing home bill. There were several errors on their case summary, so they have agreed to take another look at the case, as long as we send some additional documentation. Please pray that we can get everything to them in a timely fashion and that it may be approved this time.

Mom is doing well, though very tired. She has plenty to keep her busy: answering correspondence, going through stuff, putting pictures in albums, and we are hoping she can visit us in Florida next month!

Thank you all for your prayers, cards, and expressions of love for us. It is so comforting!

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