Monday, December 8, 2008

Monday, December 8 - Doctor visits

Mom & I had a good trip to Dartmouth-Hitchcock today. So thankful for roads that were mostly clear of snow & ice.

We saw her oncologist (cancer doctor) and learned that her recent PET scan was completely CLEAR! Praise the Lord. Six months ago there was a shadow on her liver that he was concerned about, but it has completely disappeared. He said it may have been inflammation.

We also saw the interventional radiologist who inserted the coil in her aneurysm. We discussed the TIA/stroke-like episodes that she's been having. His opinion is that because the symptoms are always the same, involving her speech and her right arm, it is probably not TIA's caused by blood clots in the brain. If it were, the symptoms would probably vary, as the clots would be unlikely to always occur in exactly the same place.

Also, he looked at the CD of the recent ultrasound of her carotid arteries, and reported that they look good! So they are unlikely to be the source of the problem.

He suggested the possibility of slight "electrical disturbances," neurons occasionally misfiring, due to the blood that still remains in the brain from the aneurysm. If this is happening, it is actually a mini seizure.

Both doctors were very caring and attentive as she described her symptoms, and shared their opinions; however, they both admitted that the problem is out of their specialty and recommended that she see a neurologist.

Her left leg has been giving her severe pain, which her primary care doctor thinks may be her longstanding neuropathy acting up. If so, she needs a neurologist for that anyway. (The one she used to see for it has retired). So when we find one, we can give him or her two mysteries to solve. :-)

Our trust continues to be in our Lord who has brought us this far and will never fail. We are looking to Him for clear guidance regarding what arrangements, probably changes, need to be made regarding Mom & Dad's living situation. This is a great burden on our hearts at this time and we really appreciate your prayers!

We are also planning a 40th wedding anniversary party for Mom & Dad on Saturday, January 17 at the West Paris (ME) Baptist Church. Lois & Chris will be here, and so will we, so it seems a good time even though their actual anniversary is May 24. We are praying Mom will be feeling better and stronger than she does now.

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