Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Hanging in there

We are happy to report that Mom is noticing real improvement in her ability to communicate! She told me that she now feels confident enough to make business phone calls, something that has been difficult for her. It is hard when you just can't come up with the word(s) you need.

Also encouraging was the report from Mom's brain catheterization on Sept. 28, when her neurosurgeon looked at the area where she had her aneurysm a year ago, and reported that everything looks great!

Dad's health is stable at the moment too. His legs are staying clear of cellulitis, and his medication for Parkinson's is helping him be steadier in walking, using his hands etc.

It doesn't look like the house in Gorham is going to sell before winter. So we are planning to winterize it. We are so grateful for the good neighbors who have kept up the yard this summer!

Lois and Chris arrived safely back in Ecuador. However, the boxes they shipped are being held in Quito, pending their acquiring an "importer's license" - a new requirement they did not know about. Thanks for praying for them as they get settled, and that they can get their boxes soon.

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