Saturday, July 11, 2009

Thank you for praying for our family during the last few months of traveling, separation, and preparing the house in Gorham for sale! It has been challenging, and we couldn't have done it without your prayers and help. God gave wisdom and strength when needed. The house is 99% cleaned out, and family & friends have graciously agreed to get the rest.

The children and I spent several hours with Mom & Dad on Tuesday evening and Wednesday morning. We talked about the important things--realtor info, and how Heaven is our real home.

We flew home to FL on Wednesday evening. Evan & Regan sat in the last row of the plane, and Danielle and I sat in front of them. My seatmate, Bill, was a terminally ill alcoholic, thirsty to hear about God. Danielle and I read Scripture aloud to him for at least a half-hour, so the people in front of us heard it too!! :-) When we stopped he asked for more. He drank continuously throughout the flight, and by the end was quite fuzzy--he was sure that I was an angel. But he asked me to contact him with info on a good church in Daytona, where he would be visiting his daughter. Please pray for Bill.

My dad is battling cellulitis in his leg, requiring daily trips to the hospital for IV antibiotics. Mom feels she has to go with him, so she has missed many of her own appointments this week. It also means someone has to drive them. Dad is irritable about the whole thing, which is hard for Mom to deal with. So they need prayer too.

Chris and Lois are planning to be back in New England in August, and visit us in Florida in September!

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